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Laveer Engineering Ltd. provides custom and off the shelf equipment solutions to industry. With a focus on welding, machining and inspection technologies, Laveer delivers proven results for unique constraint and harsh environment applications. Creating solutions tailored to your business, that reflect your realistic business practices. A full service company supporting your project from technical specification through project execution.





Products generated by Laveer are designed to meet a specific set of criteria; solutions are designed to be robust, modular and scalable while ensuring a final product that is maintainable and skill neutral operation in operation.

Laveer, can design and develop a prototype as proof of concept followed by the manufacture and commission of tooling and equipment to meet the needs and unique constraints of your application. Laveer can produce ruggedized designs for trade use, limited space and/or limited access applications. When remote operation and positioning is required our systems use a dedicated, network based control system to ensure reliability and connectivity.

Laveer offers complete design services from specification to execution. Our team of engineers have extensive experience in both design and field execution making the team capable of ensuring front line support.

  • Integrated Controls
  • Portable Machining Solutions
  • Weld Heads and Weld Positioning Equipment
  • Inspection Systems


Laveer provides comprehensive Owner’s Engineer and advisory services. As owner’s engineer, we operate as an extension of your organization, providing you the tools you need to develop and manage your next project. Jobs performed can be large or small and can range from playing a narrowly defined role as a technical reviewer to being a full-scale, start-to-finish extension of your staff who is involved in all aspects of project development, execution, and completion. By working in close partnership, we help you ensure success.

Laveer Engineering is a registered member and Certificate of Authorization holder of Professional Engineers of Ontario, authorized to offer professional engineering services


Laveer Engineering is positioned to provide field support services to our clients. Members of the Laveer team have extensive field experience and have worked on successful First of a Kind (FOAK) tooling and field execution projects.

We excel at developing solutions that solve field labor challenges, improve schedule and are operating within demanding environments. Our strength also lies in supporting our clients in the field to ensure seamless use of our tools and equipment.

our latest Projects

CRD Inspection Cart

An inspection cart capable of navigating through the Calandria Relief Duct (CRD) and delivering a video probe through the balance line elbolet up to the balance line Tee was designed, manufactured, assembled and tested.  The system included a custom control system and winch assembly to ensure the cart could be deployed and retracted with ease.  Once at the balance line elbolet, the cart pushes a visual inspection and measurement probe into the balance line. The cart is capable of both rotating and advancing the video probe axially to identify and characterize flaws.


A new delivery platform to support Single Fuel Channel Replacement (SFCR) in CANDU reactors has been developed.  The tool replaces multiple, legacy deployment tools and was designed to be compatible with all operating units and channels.  It provides positive positioning and alignment with the reactor face as well as a mechanical advantage to the operator.  This allowed a single operator to safely deliver an end fitting without the risk of losing control of the 400 lb load.

Eddyfi Probe Drive

Laveer has designed one of the most complete and high performing automated probe drives on the market.  Developed for Eddyfi, the probe drive employs a custom control system responsible for full motion control of both the belt drive and take-up reel including multi encoder feedback, actuator control and TCP/IP communications with the NDE instrument and PC.

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