About us

Our History

Laveer Engineering Ltd, a CSA N299.1-16 compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, was incorporated in June 2013 by Peter Gowthorpe. Peter brings more than 28 years of experience in the power generation and engineered tooling business.  Since inception, Laveer has acquired talented employees as they have become available. This approach to staffing has allowed the company to develop a core group of highly skilled engineers with diverse but complimentary abilities. The team has extensive experience in the development of first of a kind custom tooling and equipment. Laveer currently employs fifteen key engineers, project managers and technicians dedicated to tooling development for the nuclear power generation industry.

Laveer’s ability to acquire high end talent and foster young professionals has made it possible to increase capability while managing costs. The diverse skillset of the team allows Laveer to pursue projects that are typically performed by large high cost organizations. With extensive design and field service experience on our team, Laveer provides solutions that are field hardened and usable by the field execution organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a consistently high level service and deliver a superior product to the customer.


Laveer Engineering’s vision is to be a leading provider of custom tooling and automation solutions to industry. Through innovative design and technology, supported with relevant expertise, Laveer will provide their customers with superior tailored products and services.


  • Commitment to Safety
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Effective Communication

Quality  Assurance

Laveer Engineering is dedicated to developing and delivering premium products and services to its customers. This includes custom design solutions, inspection, precision machining, assembly, and providing technical service support for all types of industries. We endeavor to satisfy the customer needs with high quality products, delivery and technical service. These goals are achieved through a competent, informed team and a supply base that are committed to excellence and the highest workmanship standards.

Laveer Engineering’s management team believes in developing and maintaining a partnership-like relationship with their customers. For this relationship to be effective, it is important to communicate to our customers and suppliers the intent of the quality policy and principles that form the philosophy of our organization.

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